In all matters pertaining constructional explosion protection by way of combining limited pressure shock resistance and explosion venting, we can offer several services, all of them based on a wealth of experience that stems from jobs done.

  • Organized regular maintenance of explosion venting devices
  • Site and plant inspections & reporting about all safety issues in connection with existing explosion protection of grinding systems for solid fuels,
    pulverized fuel storage inclusive
  • Consulting regarding application and positioning, planning of new plants and modifications necessary for correct installation

MitarbeiterReliability and constant availability of equipment in explosion protection are top priority.

You can rely on the manufacturer’s know how for the maintenance of your facility, because this kind of work is exclusively carried out by specially trained service staff.

After a comprehensive survey of your plant we will be pleased to advise you as to the necessary measures for reconstruction and

Based on this, we offer maintenance contracts for regular maintenance of silos for potentially explosive fuels and/or of explosion doors.

2In cases in which our customers or 3rd parties are realizing Thorwesten Vent-designed coal mill safety concepts containing explosion venting on duct work, explosion venting on process filters, or explosion protection of pressure shock resistant pulverized fuel silos, erection supervision by specialists can be offered.

Erection supervision can also be offered in cases in which Thorwesten Vent products for explosion protection of new or existing systems need to be installed or retrofitted.

4Thorwesten Vent supports customers in various industries worldwide, like cement and lime plants, by auditing their existing coal mill shops. These audits result in extensive reports with detailed assessments and indications at potential explosion risks. Of course we can offer the appropriate individual, target-oriented technical solutions to eliminate the sources of defect and to restore proper working conditions.

You can benefit from the know-how and experience we gained from ambitious and successful projects.

draw_4_3_kl1-600x450Thorwesten Vent services concerning consulting and engineering are focussed on:

  • Engineering for realization of pressure shock resistant, explosion vent-equipped silos by 3rd parties, worldwide
  • Basic engineering of modifications to be carried out as correction of existing grinding systems for solid fuels
  • 5Over the years Thorwesten Vent has acquired specialized knowledge that enables the company to offer highly-qualified consultancy for the use of ATEX regulations.
  • Continuous employee trainings by notified bodies and intense cooperation with accredited laboratories in regard to the Atex certification of our products resulted in a competent knowledge of the entire ATEX range of application.